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3 locations
In Italy
63% rate
of regular customers
senior MRO experts
37% rate
of non-regular customers
average annual
growth in turnover
28% rate
of AS9100-certified suppliers
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The Company
Mission & Vision
Why Choose Us?
The Company

We bring to the table our expertise, our skills and our team leaders to ensure high-level performances, monitoring the gap between expected and perceived value and checking the final results by comparing them with the achieved aims.

CEO & Founder
We support businesses in developing and implementing their business plans, exploiting the wide knowledge acquired by our experts and teams. We have great partnerships in each area of cross-disciplinary business consulting, both in Italy and abroad.
Thanks to our well-established methods, we can support our customers and pinpoint critical areas where we need to step in to plan and implement the sustainable development of the business in a simple and effective way.
Mission & Vision
  • Through maintenance, operations and professional repairs, at 4FLIGHT we offer you surprising solutions and services aimed at supporting any activity in the aerospace industry.
  • We keep up to date and continue with our research to always be ahead of the times, improve what we do and be more effective and efficient.
  • We help and train all companies and people operating in the aerospace industry who want to be safe, secure and at ease. We support operators in the field as well as the people who use their services, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.
Our team of experts has a wide and at the same time specific know-how. A pleasant working environment enables our staff to create many new opportunities and useful scenarios for our customers.
Our professional team is run by expert and competent leaders who complement each other, putting customers first in each project.
Businesses and individuals contacting 4FLIGHT aim for new options that are well-organised and strategic. Here, they can find multi-layered solutions with an excellent cost-quality ratio, as well as the possibility of fulfilling their professional and economic expectations.
  • Respect and courtesy
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Proficiency in the various spheres of activity
Why Choose 4FLIGHT?

We're a strong and synergistic team with a sole purpose: finding the best tailor-made solution for your needs.
Thanks to their perception, 4FLIGHT's staff can understand WHO they’re dealing with and offer the most suitable solutions and strategies in each situation.
4FLIGHT's products combine a clean, minimalist style and the ability to amaze customers with strategic solutions and unexpected techniques during the consulting stage.
Thanks to our small standard products, at 4FLIGHT we can ensure top-line productions with an excellent cost-quality ratio and solutions that you can’t find anywhere else on the market.

We can open up new and unexpected business scenarios, that immediately attract customers.
Italian products are made with high-quality materials and great attention to detail to ensure durability.
Each macro-area is thoroughly organised on the inside, managed by ‘drivers’ and supported by technicians specialised in their own field.
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